The Class

The M32 is fun to sail, easy to maintain and hassle-free to own. An important part of this experience is the class and its rule. The M32 is a manufacturer one-design class. The Swedish Sailing Federation adopted it in 2014. The process of becoming an international ISAF class is underway.

The M32 class rule is a closed rule, which means that the boat is delivered class legal and that any modification other than those stated in the rule, makes the boat illegal. We believe that this is the right rule for the M32, making it cost efficient, easy to understand and easy to enforce.

At the moment the class is looking at setting weight limits and is working towards a solution with one-design sails. These steps will further improve the rule in making it a class which is easy to enter and looks after the interest of the owner. Nothing should get in the way of the pure fun of sailing the M32

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